Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, this morning, you were pondering human relationships, human friendships.  Yes, it seems that some of them do come with expiration dates.  Some of your life encounters are there to teach you a short and valuable lesson.  Then the teacher moves on, as the only thing which brought him/her into your life was the purpose of the lesson. 

“Then there are individuals in your life with whom you more particularly resonate, who are on the same wave length.  Those friendships are riding the same wave of life and will be with you as long as your objectives are similar.  Do not be distraught when some friendships fade.  They may have fulfilled their God given agenda. 

“Each human being is constantly in evolution – sometimes forward, sometimes, unfortunately, backward.  Life is an amazing choreography of relationships.  The lasting relationships, the ones of eternal value, are the ones infused with love and respect as they are equipped to survive any challenges.  What causes the breakdown of relationships is the inability to forgive and let go of perceived offenses.  Human beings need to look at these challenges from a different perspective, not from their small egos.  Hurt feelings are in the way.  The hurt needs healing.  What is the best way to bring healing about?  It is truly the way of forgiveness.

“Call upon Jesus whenever you are encountering a challenge in your relationships.  Ask for His spirit to infuse your being with His higher love and understanding for your human siblings.  Understand - as He did - that many hurtful situations are just the outworking of immaturity and ignorance.  Be patient with one another as He is with you.  Pray for those who are offending you or hurting you so that they can benefit by the purity of your intentions.  Love is the most efficient healing balm. It both heals the Giver and the Receiver as it is like a connective tissue, a sound connective tissue.”