Oregon, US of A
Friday, December 22, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “How do you know that “Your hour has come”?  You live in a world where instant gratification has become a dead-end for many, as it fails to satisfy their underlying and often overlooked spiritual nature.  Another detrimental side effect to ‘wanting everything now’ is that people are willing to max out their credit cards in the process and become heavily indebted as they, indeed, did not have the necessary resources to support their materialistic addictions.

“Materialism is a serious distraction from what really matters.  The more you spend on acquiring material belongings, the more you become tied up to the material world, as you will have to work harder to foot the bills, thus becoming a slave of your material propensities.

“On the other hand, whatever you invest in your spiritual trust fund earns you increasing liberties—the first one being the secession from your material addictions, which you come to recognize for what they are. 

“Before He engaged in His public mission, your Master Jesus took care of His physical family after the premature death of His father.  He was frequently heard saying to His eager disciples: “My hour had not come yet” and was trusting in the fact that the Father’s Will would be revealed to Him each step of the way in due timing.  Indeed, your life consists of many spiritual ‘gestational’ episodes of which you may not be aware but that are necessary for your soul development.

“Just as the development of a healthy baby occurs over a nine-month span spent in the secrecy of the motherly womb, your soul has to develop through Seven Psychic Circles before it can fuse with Spirit and merge in Oneness with Spirit.  This moment of your full activation is your spiritual due date—your hour!

“In the meantime, follow the intimate leadings of Spirit that take you from milestone to milestone along your ascension journey.  Create beautiful memories along the way and jump into action whenever you hear Spirit nudging you to take another leap of faith ‘now’ when yet another domino has been carefully positioned on your path.”