Monday, July 6, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, let’s talk about Feelings.  Life is like a wide river, filled with many human droplets of water.  Some of them are going with the flow and others are stuck in pockets of resistance, dealing with the hurdles that life is throwing at them.  Each one of you experiences smooth sailing alternating with more stormy elements.  It is easy to feel at peace when the life circumstances are uneventful and you are in the flow, as it is what has been intended for you.  Yet, whenever strong spiritual adverse winds arise in your life, they tend to affect your peaceful mood and suddenly you are overcome with anxieties and fears, as if you were drowning. 

“Yet, the Father has always a life line attached to you: Your Divine Thought Adjuster.  Your TA is equipped with the most delicate navigational aids.  He knows at all times how to keep you on course in your ascension journey toward Paradise.  He can easily recalculate your course whenever you take a tangent and need to be refocused on your eternal goal.

“Your feelings are stepping stones along the river of life.  Wouldn’t you select carefully which stone to step on whenever you are trying to cross a dangerous spot on the river?  Some provide you with sure footing while others are  precarious and unstable.

“Ask for Peace whenever life is challenging your emotional well-being.  Strive for the emotions which provide you with calmness and grounding.  Become aware that you are the one in charge of selecting with which emotion to energize in your life.  Would you consciously energize depression or anger?  Of course not.  You do have the power to be the master of your emotions. 

“Even if you connect at first with the not-feel-good emotions, learn to identify that negative charge in your life and disengage yourself from it as soon as you recognize that it is enticing your being into a free fall.  You always have multiple choices; you always can connect with feel-better emotions.  It may take some effort at first to activate them within your being, but it is doable with the help of your TA who can stream into your being the highest emotional spectrum as Heis at all times connected with the ultimate Source of Love, Its Alpha and Its Omega.

“Visualize a fruit tree with fruit in different state of ripening.  Which ones would you pick?  You would pick the juicy and vibrant ones and ignore the rotten ones which fell on the ground?  You would also ignore the ones in a state of immaturity as they too could be harmful to your being?

“Emotions are like the cherries on the tree. Some are ripe and tasty while other-- such as anger and anxiety--are bitter and trigger unhealthy side effects in your being.  Do carefully pick what you feed your being with.  Each emotion has a positive or a negative side-effect.  Use your discernment and you will learn to gain mastery over your emotions by nurturing the positive ones and starving the negative ones.  By this simple choice, your reality will shift and, even though your life circumstances may seem the same, your life will be forever transformed as your approach will have shifted and your foothold will be firmly grounded in the terra firma of stable emotions.”