Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 13, 2019

“Beliefs may become group possessions, but faith must be personal.” [UB 1114:06]

Thought Adjuster: “What is the function of beliefs?  How do they contribute to your life?  A belief system is an ideology or set of principles that help you interpret your everyday reality. For the most part, beliefs are very subjective, being formed and influenced by the many variables of your upbringing.  Therefore, individual persuasions can turn out to be contradictory and sources of heated contention.

“Any disagreement implies that one version is more accurate than another.  Divergent points of view often escalate into full-blown hostility.  It is advisable to call a truce to analyze their point of origin.  Are they hand-me-down credos that you have been admonished to take at face value, or are they carefully crafted theories validated by experience?

“You and only you can answer these questions for yourself.  Collective beliefs are not necessarily true.  They have to pass the many quality tests of life to be acclaimed as positive agents of change.  Indeed, truth is forever relevant, practical, and progressive.

“Now, what about faith?  It can be rated as non-existent, weak, or strong.  For instance, how much confidence do you have in someone?  A weak faith implies a lack of trust due to poor personal knowledge of that individual or differing takes on life viewed as unsurmountable deal-breakers.

“Faith has much to do with your personal experience and aspirations.  Nevertheless, you have to ensure that it does not lead you down the primrose path. 

“Ultimately, putting your faith in what is true, good, and beautiful will yield valuable returns on your investment.  Such faith is actionable.  It will become a mighty driving force in your life, as it will ‘animate’ your beliefs, using them as a trampoline for your informed actions.

“The Father has faith in you—not because you have proven yourself trustworthy yet, but because He knows what He has invested in you.  His belief system about you is that you have it in you to be successful.  You are material for greatness.  Why not then grow in self-faith, rather than lending an ear to disempowering lies that suggestively tell you that you do not amount to much? "