Oregon, US of A
Monday, May 21, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Still Small Voice: “How much do you trust Me? This is a weighty question, as it determines how you lead your life. For those who unconditionally trust in the Divine, there is always a beacon of hope, even in the direst of circumstances. This is the reason why Jesus willingly and courageously walked the way of the cross.

“All of you are carrying their own cross at various stations of their life. At times, it seems that the weight of the cross is too much to bear and that death would be welcome to put an end to such sufferings. Yet, the way of the cross is the way to eternal life. This is the reason why Jesus did not resist the dramatic turn of events that took His life. He remained intimately connected to His Heavenly Father.

“What about you? Have you sealed our eternal partnership? Are you aware that I walk the way of the cross with you and that I am the most reliable Guide to help you maintain your footing whenever mighty storms are brewing in your life? Haven’t I done so in the past? Why would I stop now?

“I have fully invested Myself in you and My unwavering trust is backed up by the knowledge I have about your potentials. Surely, they are not manifested—yet—but they will be someday, and you will then come to understand why I trusted you, even though you did not view yourself as very trustworthy back then.

“The greatest gift you could ever make Me is to reciprocate in Love and Trust. “In God we trust” was the foundational motto of the American nation. Yet, this powerful statement of trust has become much watered down over time by those who lack this inner trust and attempt to sway those exhibiting the same propensities, thus weakening the nation at its very core.

“Dear children, I AM trustworthy, as I will NEVER breach your trust. I AM your divinely ordained Trustee, forever adhering to the divine fiduciary system, so to speak. Haven’t I gotten you so far? Haven’t I helped you turn the many blind corners of your life? You assuredly can trust Me and your credo can be as simple as telling Me “I trust You.”