Oregon,US of A
Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you are thinking about  sustainability and about how to get to financial security;  you are aware of the necessity of living a balanced life.  Monetary freedom is part of this balancing act as having your needs met frees a lot of your time for other meaningful activities. 

“So many of the earthly children have to spend the majority of their time working to make a living as the planetary economic systems are frequently unsupportive of the individual. Yet there are many opportunities for growth.  Everything in life is about relationships--to your environment, to your immediate family, to your co-workers, to anyone you meet during your day. 

"Ideally, the Father would wish for His children to enjoy free time so as to be able to explore new activities, to discover some of their dormant talents and have the opportunity to develop and expand them.  Whenever your material needs are adequately met, you can bring into balance the other areas of your life:  relationships, health, recreation and co-creation, work… 

"Everyone received their own individual gifts which are filled with huge potentials for success.  At the same time, every human being has weak areas in their character and their homework is to strengthen them and overcome these weaknesses so as to become more whole and more balanced.   These weaknesses help keep you humble in the midst of success.  By adulating so called stars because of their one obvious talent, your society puts these persons at risk to get an over-inflated ego and to lose a sound perception of themselves.  Fame is a curse for many souls as their ego is not mature enough to handle the appreciation and adulation of their fans.  All the gifts are coming from the Father.  Worship belongs to Him not to recipients of His gifts.”