Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 1, 2017



Thought Adjuster: “In civilized nations, each citizen is being issued an ID—an Identification Card that contains his or her personal data:  date of birth, race, sex, place of residence, height, hair and eye color.  Mostly, those are external ‘identifiers.’  Your unique fingerprints are also part of your personal data.  Yet, such data mostly pertains to your human vehicle and helps differentiate it from others, just like the model of your car, its color and its registration plate make it easier for you to find it in a crowded parking lot.

“Yet, you are much more than the color of your skin, your citizenship, your family status and your occupation.  This layer of your being is not sufficient to get to KNOW you.

“Who Are You?  You are like a set of those Russian dolls that fit snugly into one another.  What I mean by that is that there are many more layers to your being than the one that meets the eye.  What about your personality?  What about your likes and dislikes?  What about your IQ? They are part of the substance of your being and play a major part in your human associations.  You associate with those you feel compatible with as you come to identify common or complementary denominators in your personalities or life’s outlooks.

“Is it all that you are?  Assuredly not.  There are still finer layers to who you are.  Tucked at the core of your being is your spirit—your most precious part and yet a part that many fail to acknowledge and to nurture. 

“Dear ones, wouldn’t you like to know more about yourself?  Wouldn’t you like to solve the mystery of your being?  The journey of self-discovery is a lengthy one that is only possible if you take the time to go within and ponder these still unanswered questions about yourself.  What part of you is the constant in your being?  This is who you are—the unchanging part of you, your very core.  You are so much more than your identity.  Stop defining yourself with restrictive labels.  The more you come from your heart when you share about yourself, the more you truly express who you are, the essence of your being.  Do not live on the surface of yourself!  Rather, dive deep within in order to uncover who you truly are.”