Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 14, 2016
“Almost everything of lasting value in civilization has its roots in the family.  The family was the first successful peace group, the man and woman learning how to adjust their antagonisms while at the same time teaching the pursuits of peace to their children.”  [UB 765:05]

“Dear child, you were just reading in The Urantia Book about the emergence of the ancestors of humanity.  They displayed an intelligence superior to the one of their progenitors.  Their lives were not devoid of warfare as they had to establish their sovereignty over the animal kingdom.  Therein lays one of the differences between animals and human beings.  Intelligence is a most precious gift that differentiates species and plays a great role in the “survival of the fittest.”  It could be also stated as the “survival of the smartest.”  Both intelligence and strength are needed for survival.

“Even though human history started with much warfare between species in order to qualify the first human ancestors to rule over their environment, it was heading toward the establishment of family cells that greatly contributed to establish peace.  Without this next natural evolutionary step, survival could not have been ensured as durable peace is needed to greatly increase the odds of survival.

“Due to this heavy legacy of struggles and hostilities, it is still difficult nowadays for many human beings to eradicate from their souls any hint of fear and hostility.  Hostility appears as the result of threats—real or perceived.  It puts the creature on the defensive and renders it suspicious as to the intentions of others.

“The family has been intended to be a “safe house”, a place where the members of the same family—or tribe—are collaborating and joining forces in order to preserve their cohesiveness and livelihood.  Humanity has to learn to settle in peace.  This will free great amounts of precious time and resources that were formerly spent in devising defensive strategies.  Peace allows the creative imagination to be redirected to other areas that are supportive of the welfare of all.  Welfare not warfare! 

“Positive conflict resolution is a skill that needs to be acquired.  Getting to an inner and outer state of peace is the best method of conflict resolution—the other alternative being an escalation of conflicts at the expense of the welfare of many.

“Positive emotions are the one promoting inner peace and inner joy.  Don’t you wish for them to be the basis of your life decisions? It is very important to learn to still the warmongering emotions and to cultivate the ones that contribute to your welfare. 

“After millenniums of conflicts, wouldn’t it be a brand new experience for the planet to experience worldwide Peace?  Can you fathom how it would affect each life?  Once humanity can settle in an enduring state of Peace, they can let go of their suspicions toward others and relax in that peace.  Such a mental state of relaxation will also lead them to focus on the expansion of beautiful art forms and to dive further into the exploration of higher truths.  This would be a true age of Renaissance—a true planetary rebirth:  the shedding of the old outdated patterns to replace them with new modus operandi that are devoid of hostility and rich in joyful cooperation.”