Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

“When man loses sight of the love of a personal God, the kingdom of God becomes merely the kingdom of good.”  [UB 40:04]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement got your attention.  The thought also entered your mind that Jesus by far preferred referring to the Family of God than to the Kingdom of God.  Indeed, the words ‘family’ and ‘kingdom’ have very different emotional connotations.  A family is an intimate and loving association of related individuals, while a kingdom is a much more formal grouping of subjects who pledge allegiance to a king—not necessarily to one another. 

“This world has witnessed the coming and going of many material kingdoms.  Some kings were loved if they took to heart the welfare of their subjects, while others were despised if their dictates where self-centered and they used their subordinates as mere means to their misguided ends.

“The Jews expected their ‘savior’ to materialize as the head of their state. They failed to understand that the prophesied savior would come to establish a universal spiritual ‘kingdom’—i.e., to reclaim all the spiritual ‘territories’ taken into bondage by the Luciferian coup.

“Jesus initially used the term ‘Kingdom’ as an acceptable opening wedge to get His message across.  Later on, He broke the news that God is foremost a Father, who intimately cares about the destiny of each one of His beloved children, which in no way belies the fact that this Father is also the King of a far-fetched universe ruled with Unconditional Love, not just Power.

 “Jesus referred to God as His ‘Heavenly Father’—not as His ‘Heavenly King.’  He ‘subjected’ Himself to the rulership of the Heart and exemplified the spiritual Father-Son relationship which starts with respect and eventually morphs into all-consuming Love.

“What is your status in the ‘Kingdom’?  Are you part of the royal family, or are you merely a fear-ridden subject who operates under the guilt, fear, and shame with which you may have been brainwashed by those who do not know the Father as such?  No matter where you currently find yourself, keep in mind that the Father sees each one of you as a prodigal son or daughter, waiting for you to leave your servant quarters and make your way HOME.  “Welcome Home” are the words that your heart will pick up.  Indeed, “Home is where your and His heart are.”