Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us examine how I, your Divine Indwelling Fragment, collaborate with you to guide you along your spiritual journey.  As you know by now, this has initially a lot to do with your mental process.  Being a Fragment of the Omniscient Universal Father, I knew of you long before your coming into existence.  I knew of your ancestry, your genetics, and the nuts and bolts of what your personality would be made of.  I wholeheartedly volunteered to ‘adopt’ you—to come and indwell you.  I already loved you dearly, just as an expectant mother bonds with her yet unborn child.

“After your birth, I closely monitored your development, waiting for you to make your first moral decision—a powerful spiritual activation, where you demonstrated that you were ‘morally fit’—that you had the aptitude to choose good over evil.  This is when I made My move to come and indwell your mind and started monitoring your thinking from within—yet, very anonymously.

“What would happen if you were privy to all the thoughts of the persons you come in contact with at this immature point of your existence?  It would generate great inner confusion and anxieties, as you would be swayed by the all-over-the-place input of these imperfect thought generators.  This is the reason why protective filters have been put into place to make you only privy to your own entertaining thoughts where you witness the incessant chit-chat of your seemingly bipolar inner voices that negotiate with one another, plead their case, and more.  I Am one of these voices—the reasonable one. 

“As you are paying attention to My Voice, you give me more opportunities to ‘adjust’ your train of thoughts.  Just as a real train encounters many decisive junctions along its tracks, your mind is constantly ‘jumping tracks’ and could be likened to a ‘runaway train’ whenever you override the commands of your rational thinking, at the risk of turning your life into a train wreck. 

“Yet, as you get to trust Me more fully, there comes the time of your total surrender to My Will, as you have learned that it entails your highest good and that it is safe to hand Me over your mental controls.  I am then promoted to the wonderful assignment of being your “Thought Controller” and you start noticing that the flow of your thinking is much smoother, more insightful, more interesting, and so much more.

“No longer is your thinking obsessively looping around petty events.  It has now become fully engaged in following My lead and receiving its higher education, constantly adjusted to your needs for further growth. Welcome aboard!”