Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, meet Me in the Silence.  Sometimes it is worth more than a thousand words.  When two persons sit silently together, it can be either an awkward experience or a comfortable one, depending on the level of intimacy between them.  As you come to Me every morning, we are establishing a pattern of intimacy and at times, it is enough to be together in the Stillness.  This quiet time of reflection allows us to communicate silently and yet powerfully – to commune.


“As we are spending time together this morning, allow my Presence to impregnate your space – your mental, emotional and spiritual space.  I will infuse you with peace and a feeling of well being.  We are meant for one another, we are meant to spend eternity as one!  How amazing it is!  Do not worry that your current ability to perceive Me is underdeveloped; all what you need to do is to keep connecting with Me as often as you consciously can do it.  This is what draws my influence and my presence into your daily life.  I participate and monitor your progress.  The more you think of Me, the more stable you will become as I will share with you a higher perspective, a better way of perceiving your life events.


“I can be your interpreter whenever you hit a wall in your understanding.  I can bring you my input together with the input of the Spirit of Truth.  I can help you in establishing a better flowing connection with the amazing spiritual resources and influences which are available to all those who ask.  Asking is giving your permission.  It is all what it takes for the Divine to respond and get actively involved with you.  As you ask, be assured that we respond.  Trust in that process.  It will bear fruit.”