Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings tend to associate with those who ‘speak their language,’ i.e., those who are at the same level of understanding—or misunderstanding.  It is, however, wrong to assume that you are in the right by the mere fact that you agree with someone else.  Sadly, it is occurring all over the planet, wreaking havoc in private lives, as well as in the public arena.  How can this be resolved?

“The Sanhedrin of Jesus’ time compiled an alarming ‘dossier’ against Him that consisted merely in circumstantial or made-up evidence and excluded any critical elements of rebuttal.  They had made up their minds that He was of the Devil, and twisted every fact that came to their attention to validate their rushed and partial verdict. It resulted in the most abject miscarriage of justice where they pronounced guilty the epitome of innocence—the blameless Son of God.

“To these days, such ill-intended twisting of truth occurs on your world at the expense of righteous and Spirit-led individuals who dare to come forward, blowing the whistle on the iniquity of those who are motivated by greed or the quest for undeserved power.

"On which side of this tug-of-war do you stand?  Are you speaking up for the absolute values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness for which Jesus crusaded?  Are you playing by the Golden Rule or are you hitting your opponents below the belt with the misguided claim that ‘your end’ justifies the means?

“Jesus’ way is the only way that leads to the Peace that Passes All Understanding—a road paved with fairness, compassion, empathy, kindness, altruism, forgiveness, and more of these beautiful qualities yielded in a life aligned with LOVE.”