Oregon, US of A
Monday, November 13, 2017

“Men who prefer optimistic illusions to reality can never become wise.  Only those who face facts and adjust them to ideals can achieve wisdom.” [UB 1779:06]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Divine Truth.  You live on a very confused world where it has become increasingly difficult to separate truth from lies, as many have become expert at adulterating the truth to defend their misguided agendas or in an attempt to make sense of their very complex reality. 

Rather than becoming pro bono advocates, they have become pro male proselytes.  Sadly, this results in more social injustice, as the innocent victims are frequently even more traumatized, while the guilty ones are exculpated and left to roam free by selling their soul to ‘brilliant’ devil’s advocates.  Indeed, those on the dark side never plead guilty and repentance is not their modus operandi.  Instead, there are adept at covering their tracks by resorting to endless mudslinging and the defamation of the plaintiffs ‘characters.

God’s Truth is the only reality, as nothing can exist if is not supported by its solid foundation.  Everything else will eventually crumble, as it lays on the quicksand of faulty assumptions. 

God’s Truth is devoid of the element of fear, as it is powered by faith—faith in better days; faith in the Divine Powers; faith that the Divine Will shall prevail…  God will never manipulate you by filling you with fear.  Rather, He will ‘encourage’ you by rendering you ever more faith-full. 

It does take courage to look at the facts in an objective manner.  Facts are evidence and yet, evidence has to be correctly interpreted.  All the pieces have to snuggly fit together in order to reveal the original picture of the puzzle.  If one piece does not fit, you have to retrace your moves and rearrange many pieces, rather than altering the recalcitrant piece. 

Whenever you feel fearful, go within and analyze where this unease is coming from.  Consciously raise your vibrations to dispel this animalistic fear and clear your head from this emotional pollutant.  The truth should be applauded, not feared.  The time has come for all of you to step in support of the Truth and nothing but the Truth.  Pray for the protection of the whistleblowers, as they detain the undeniable evidence needed to back up their allegations of wrongdoing.  By bravely divulging the truth they are privy too, they are contributing to the liberation of humankind from the fetters of malicious deception.  The truth is the element that will validate what is real and pulverize the scary ghosts of unfounded conspiracy theories.”