Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Consciousness is a fascinating topic. Your state of consciousness determines how you view your life’s experience and those who partake in it. 

On your world, many of you exhibit a victim’s mentality, as they feel that the odds are mightily stacked against them.  The mere fact of their physical survival is a challenge, as all are not enjoying equal opportunities.

For those of you who live in utter poverty, it seems that they are unfairly deprived of a decent quality of life.  It is so on the material level and, indeed, it is a severe handicap, as such souls lack many opportunities to bring forth their inner gifts of co-creatorship, intended to contribute to the beautification of their lives and the planet they live on, as well as to the expansion of their being.

Yet, no matter how harsh your outside circumstances may be, they do not bereave you of the opportunities to gain self-mastery.  Self-mastery is actually acquired under dire circumstances, as such circumstances are your emotional testers, so to speak. 

Will you let destructive and self-sabotaging anger sneak into your inner space whenever you are dealing with injustice?  Or will you place a sentinel at the door of your heart to preserve its ability to love unconditionally and keep at bay any fruit of the poisonous tree that would jeopardize the integrity of the fruits of Spirit—acting as the famous rotten apple in the basket?  Same circumstances, different responses, different outcomes.

This is what your Master Jesus role modeled during his short and yet eventful planetary life.  He is your soul mate in so many ways, as he had to deal with a wide spectrum of your human challenges:  material sustainability, grief over the loss of loved ones, unjust treatment, character defamation, and miscarriage of justice leading to His final agony on a wooden cross.

Yet, His wide-open heart never manufactured grudges and resentment.  He did not wish for evil to overcome His detractors.  Rather, to the very end, He wished them well and even dispatched mighty spiritual resources to His earthly children after crossing the veil of physical death—His Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit were infused into all flesh, as well as the personal presence of a Divine Fragment. 

Dear ones, no matter how harsh your circumstances may be on the outer, you can find comfort on the inner, as long as you maintain a faithful and positive outlook.  By cultivating your awareness, you will expand your consciousness and develop the can-do spirit of those who do not take no for an answer and refuse to be defeated in their spirit.  This is the soothing spiritual tint you want to be applied to the lenses through which you view your life’s experience.”