Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 21, 2018

“…many who are inwardly sure about God fear to assert such feelings of certainty because of the multiplicity and cleverness of those who assemble objections and magnify difficulties about believing in God.”  [UB 1126:06]

Thought Adjuster:  How could a hard-core atheist ever prove the correctness of such a faulty belief system?  Yet, those among you who KNOW of the reality of God through the validation of their personal spiritual experience often shy away from voicing their testimony, giving free reins to the boisterous dissenters who are yet to acknowledge the access door to their spiritual side. Isn’t it paradoxical?

“It is like lending credibility to those who assert that cancer is incurable while the evidence provided by a multiplicity of healings points to the contrary.  Who is more believable:  the intellectual hypothesis or the experiential proof? 

“A true ‘religionist’ is not in need of a conversion experience, as he has already undergone that powerful transformative process.  On the other hand, an atheist—provided he remains humble and receptive—could be led to reform his purely materialistic belief system.  Even science is bound to open an access door to the evidence vault of genuine spirituality, as truth unfailingly leads to Truth and ultimately to the Divine—the Ultimate Truth.

“Brave are those souls who, in spite of the mocking opposition of their peers, do not hide their light under a bushel.  Indeed, such a light should never be deemed as ‘inconvenient’.  This world is in need of Lightworkers—those who freely and generously share their ‘enlightenment’ and the wealth of their spiritual experience.

“Atheism will fail to unleash the fullness of the human existence, as it entirely denies its spiritual aspect—the one of eternal import.  A sincere atheist should at least put his credo to the test.  What is there to lose?  Nothing at all if proven right, but there is so much to gain if they are invalidated by a genuine spiritual experience.  It is all that it takes.

“Dear ones, fear is always an impediment.  Be brave and speak your validated truth, as it is meant to be shared.  It is the spark that can light the precious kindling stored in other hearts and bring the fire of faith to life—a fire that keeps at bay all fears, doubts, and darkness.  Don’t you think that, in their innermost, your siblings do not wish to be blessed with such a conversion experience?  Often, your most vocal opponents are those who want to be convinced otherwise and who will become highly effective lightworkers when they put their strong power of conviction to the highest use.  This is how Saul became Paul.”