Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you turn within in search of our connection, it is primordial that you be in a state of allowance.  How else could I convey to you the messages that I deem necessary for your spiritual progression?

“Yet, many of you are unconsciously in a state of resistance—partial or more pronounced.  They wish to do God’s Will, but ‘fear’ that it will put ‘demands’ on their lifestyle to which they are not ready to subject themselves. 

“First of all, ‘fear’ should never be part of your relationship with the Divine.  Period.  If you come from a place of fear, you are seriously misunderstanding the Divine Intent for your life—and all lives.  How could you ever be afraid of being loved?  It is what the Divine Plan is all about. 

“From this perspective, you can then come to grasp that the fear or anxiety you may feel is connivingly whispered to you from the darkness—not the light— to deter you from what is in your best interest. 

“This being said, the Father does not ‘put demands on you.’  Never, ever.  It would be incompatible with the free will prerogative He gave you in spite of your immaturity and imperfection.  What does it tell you? 

“It should tell you that He believes in you and your ability to manifest the vision He entertains for you.  In your brokenness, He sees you in your perfection.  Indeed, you are His child—a child meant to grow up, increasingly exhibiting the family resemblance—godlikeness. 

“This is the reason why you should let go of all internal resistance, as it only keeps you at bay from your highest good.  Your reluctance stems from the shortsighted ego that thrives on self-gratification, failing to understand that it is very detrimental to its ‘well-fare.’ 

“Trust, and surrender!  It will drastically change the way you orchestrate your life.  As well, it will be the catalyst for the activation of the many gifts that have been seeded within you to help you thrive and live a thrilling life.”