Oregon, US of A
Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “What is your natural emotional habitat?  It is the most appropriate emotional setting for you to thrive.  Indeed, the Father’s Great Plan is an all-encompassing Master Plan that is ‘doomed to succeed’ exceeding by far your wildest dreams.

“The natural emotional human habitat has been intended to be a place of loving interaction, where peace, mutual acceptance and respect ‘naturally’ thrive as byproducts of Love, with “L”.

“Haven’t you experienced that you cannot think clearly whenever your hearing is subjected to dissonant frequencies that clash with your musical taste or when you are emotionally tossed around by conflicting emotions?

“You are at your best whenever your external surroundings meet your innate needs for peace and relaxation, as they promote your creativity—a creativity meant to reflect Beauty and Goodness.  On the other hand, whenever you are in a disharmonious environment, your first priority is to ‘survive’, which robs you of a big part of your available energetic quota—just as the national monetary reserves get severely depleted by fear-driven agendas, whereas, in a world enjoying a state of peaceful cohabitation, the national budget can be dedicated to the pursuit of positive creative endeavors and the promotion of Fine Arts contributing to environmental embellishment—at its many levels.

“Dear ones, promote the manifestation of your natural habitat!  Each one of you can dedicate a space to be your ‘sacred space’—your very own sanctuary where you can spend time whenever you need to regroup and calm your frazzled nerves. This will make a huge difference in the quality of your life, as it will enable you to stay grounded and centered, rather than being bounced around at the whims of negative planetary influences or ‘bad’ moods.  Don’t you wish to be fully operational?  Reclaim your natural habitat!”