Oregon, US of A
Monday, November 2, 2020

“[R]emember that my kingdom is not to come with noise and glamor, but rather must it come through the great change which my Father will have wrought in your hearts and in the hearts of those who shall be called to join you in the councils of the kingdom…. Be patient, be gentle…. [Y]ou should also be prepared for trouble, for I warn you that it will be only through much tribulation that many will enter the kingdom.”  [UB 137:6:5]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus was undoubtedly prophetic when he made this statement to his apostles. It is still relevant today on your world, as the kingdom of the heart is still in its gestational phase.  Many of those awaiting his advent may, like Jesus’ contemporaries, entertain the wrong idea about its manifestation.

Do you have the required heart credentials to become a full-fledged citizen of this seemingly utopic kingdom?  Are you patient, kind, compassionate, and loving toward yourself and others?  Over two thousand years have passed since Jesus made these predictions, and your world is still experiencing significant turmoil.  Didn't he tell you so?

Those who fail to awaken of natural causes may need to be shaken out of their spiritual stupor by unnatural ones—and I do speak of miracles, which are exceptions to the natural course of events. What I mean is that what is out-of-the-ordinary will likely succeed in getting their attention.  Crises exert overwhelming emotional pressure due to their urgent need for remediation—not because of the Father's doing but because of the tragic ripple effect of faulty decisions.

You cannot posture yourself as a follower of Jesus if you do live by the Golden Rule. Work at yourself to be of better service to others.

“Unlike human governments, which come and go, God’s Kingdom will never be brought to ruin.” [Daniel 2:44.] Therefore, it requires long-suffering patience to partake in the long-haul establishment of the kingdom of the heart. It happens one heart at a time.

As fishers of men, appeal to their love-starved hearts.  It is how you will gain their respectful gratitude and lead them to wonder if it would not be better if they, too, switched their ways from selfishness to altruism. “Love one another as I have loved you.” [John 13:34]”