Oregon, US of A
Monday, May 6, 2019

“Pray as Jesus taught his disciples—honestly, unselfishly, with fairness, and without doubting.” [UB 999:09]

Teacher Uteah: “The act of prayer is much misunderstood, and it is the reason why many prayers fall short of their intended mark.  Do not get me wrong.  Each prayer has an effect of sorts. When the devotee lacks the maturity to articulate sensible prayers, caring disclaimers are added to them by the beings of light that process them.  “May whatever falls short of the divine criteria for this prayer to be answered as petitioned, constitute a prayer in and by itself to help the devotee grow in understanding as to the type of prayers that deeply move the Divine Heart.

“The evolution of prayer is connected to the agelong evolution of religion—from the dark ages of its inception to the current dawn of Light and Life.  You could say that prayer has been progressive in that sense and that ‘prayer conservatism’ is a form of fundamentalism that robs it of its spontaneity and vibrancy—the oxygen of the soul.

“As a spiritual Teacher, Jesus disclosed the guidelines for effective prayer—honesty, altruism, fairness, and faith—as He frequently witnessed the recitals of many insincere, ego-centered, or misguided prayers. 

“The Father is omniscient, and a Fragment of Himself dwells within you that is thoroughly informed of your thought process.  It cannot be fooled and detects dishonest prayers—just as Jesus differentiated between the pompous and narcissistic prayers of the Pharisees and the heartfelt and humble petitions of the Publicans.

“The All-Loving Father promotes the all-encompassing Highest Good.  So should your prayers.  What empowers them is their alignment with the Divine Vision that is 100% altruistic. All of you share a common cosmic destiny.  Let it sink in for a moment.

“Once you master Prayer 101, you will benefit from its inbuilt positive boomerang effect and it will gain in momentum.  Whenever you intercede for others, you become a beneficiary.  You start experiencing accelerated soul growth, as such high-grade prayers generate a favorable spiritual climate for the development of your embryonic soul.”