Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 18, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, the image came to your mind of a simple electrical plug-in.  Such outlets are available all over your home so that you can tap into the energy of electricity.  From your perspective, all you have to do is to plug into these outlets in order to power your electrical devices.  You have a very faint idea of the magnitude and the complexity of the electrical network that delivers power to your home.  What matters to you is that your electrical devices be of the correct voltage so as to handle the electrical power without getting fried.

“Such a process is a good comparison with your spiritual efforts to connect with the First Source and Center—the all powerful Heavenly Dynamo--that holds together the whole creation and simultaneously infuses it with Its Life Force based on the specific needs of each individual creature. 

“As pertains to human beings, many options are made available based on their current state of awareness.  For those who still live in a spiritual slumber, the Father is patiently on stand-by within their being as a discreet Pilot Light.  It is up to them to become aware of His Presence and to intentionally connect to It so as to continuously recharge their spiritual batteries.

“What is the state of your batteries?  Are they running low or are they being constantly replenished?  If you fail to connect to the Source, you will eventually run out of power and will become dependent on others to give you a much needed spiritual jumpstart. 

“You are in charge of your spiritual evolution.  You are the one to determine how receptive you chose to be to spiritual influences and realities.  Why painstakingly crawl as a worm while you have been equipped with spiritual wings that can help you rise above the material and very down-to-earth realities?  You are meant to be a spiritual explorer and you can voluntarily enlist into the preparatory boot camp in order to acquire the necessary skills for a successful takeoff.  At which level do you want to live your life?  The decision is yours and your life experience will reflect it.”