Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you have been asking about the peace that passes all understanding.  You were expecting that such a peace invades your whole being.  It does happen this way some time by Divine Grace, in moments were peace is most needed in the human personality.


“Yet, it also happens from another perspective.  The peace that passes all understanding is the peace you are able to maintain within your being in the midst of challenges and upheavals, which would otherwise rock your peace and shatter it. 


“In your daily meditations, you are learning to connect with this Peace with “P”.  If you can focus on it within your being in such challenging times, you will be able to protect it and to respond from a place of inner peace instead of a place of emotional disturbance.  This peace is truly with you, but you do have to nurture it at all times so that it becomes your most powerful inner resource.


“Whenever you function from a place of peace, nothing can really faze you and disturb you.  “This too shall pass” is another way to diffuse these situations that life brings your way and that could be destabilizing.  I know that you cherish your stability, your serenity.  Protect them as you would protect an innocent child so that their peaceful innocence does not get shattered by difficulties and challenges.  You will then truly experience the peace that passes all understanding that you have been praying for.

“Go in PEACE.”