Oregon, US of A
Monday, June 11, 2018

“It requires courage to invade new levels of experience and to attempt the exploration of unknown realms of intellectual living.”  [UB 1114:00]

Thought Adjuster:   Two words popped into your mind:  patience and courage.  Let us look at them in relationship to one another.  There are many times in your life when you are becoming stir-crazy and wish that the pace of your personal progress would speed up.  Yet, you should never overlook the fact that you need time to successfully integrate the ‘progressive elements’ of your life.  This is where patience comes in.  It also has something to do with contentment and gratitude, as you know by personal experience that meaningful changes occur following careful planning.

“Enjoy these periods of respite, as they are prepping you for your next developmental stage.  You are not really at a standstill if you are filled with the desire to live in accordance with the Divine Vision for your life.  You are merely going through yet another meaningful gestational period—the precursor of your next spiritual upgrade.

“What matters is that you be on standby—not on standstill.  There is indeed a huge difference between these two behaviors.  Being on standby means that you are ready to be activated as soon as you receive your next ‘marching orders’.  Whatever they might be, you will ‘bravely’ jump into action.  Indeed, courage is what propels your soul to take many apparent chances.  The Adjutant Spirit of Courage is one of the seven mighty spiritual influences of Mother Spirit.  It is the ‘motivational speaker’ that dares you to take leaps of faith. 

“Acts of courage ALWAYS bless you with personal rewards.  They lead you to scout unexplored experiential territories that add to the factual knowledge you harvest.    

“Practice patience and practice courage, as they are meant to collaborate.  It is not advisable to jump unprepared into action.  Patience and courage are at the opposite ends of the balancing pole held by a funambulist so that he does not lose its equilibrium. The most successful strategies are the ones that wait for the time to be ripe for action.  A premature action is as foolish as a belated one, as they both end up in failure.”