Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 19, 2018

Thought Adjuster: The saying “No pain, no gain” entered your mind this morning. This motto promises greater value rewards for the price of hard and even painful work.  Indeed, the return you get on your efforts is proportional to their focus and intensity.  This is a very fundamental universal law that has been powerfully depicted by the life of Jesus in its “no cross, no crown” version.  Indeed, you live in a universe populated with myriads of free will creatures who either embrace the Divine Plan for their existence or ignore, and even reject it.

“The days of Light and Life will come about when the free will creatures living on your planet will cast their spiritual vote toward Light and Life and secede from the sneaky influences of darkness.

“Your free will prerogative is used to determine where you will invest your energies. How much you apply yourself toward the realization of your goals is what determines the pace at which you move toward the wished-for outcomes. It seems pretty obvious. Yet, many among you still have a mentality of ‘entitlement’ and consider that things are owed to them—thus taking much for granted and living in a state of inner dissatisfaction, as things won’t readily fall into their laps.

“For those who invest themselves wholeheartedly in the pursuit of their dreams, the force of passion gets unleashed and merges with the power of their free-will, causing both to be synergistically amplified.

“Meaningful purpose + Faith (‘can do spirit) + Passion are the failproof ingredients in the making of Success.  The outcome may not always be the one foreseen, as the Father blends His own creative juices into the mix to maximize your investments—to cross-pollinate them, so to speak.  Once you fully activate the love in your heart, you will inbreed a ‘designer crop’ of the fruits of Spirit, that will evolve toward its full glorious manifestation, exceeding by far your shortsighted expectations.  Are you in?”