Tuesday, March 12, 2019

“After the resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus, the Sanhedrin convened. “This was the first time that the Sanhedrin had gone on record as desiring to decree his death in advance of a trial” Nineteen members objected to the lack of due process and resigned.   “With the ejection of these nineteen men the Sanhedrin was in a position to try and to condemn Jesus with a solidarity bordering on unanimity.”  [UB Paper 168, Section 3]

Thought Adjuster: “Sadly, similar conspiracies play out in your country nowadays.  Individuals gang up to carry out their evil crusades, backing them up with tainted evidence, and blatantly ignoring the most sacred principle of the American justice system that holds a defendant ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

“How would you feel if you were denied due process and declared guilty based on rumors or mere circumstantial evidence? Wouldn’t you adamantly claim your innocence, begging for a chance to refute the attacks made against your person?  Wouldn’t it feel like character assassination to you?

“Treat others as you want to be treated. Wisely secede from the pull of the public opinion to consult with your Indwelling Divine Fragment before you ‘render judgment’—be it onto yourself or others.  Indeed, you stand at high risk to be swayed by the forceful opinions others entertain about you, but which they prematurely formed without being briefed about all the pertinent data about you.   

“I AM the One Who knows you inside out.  I dwell in the sacred space between your thoughts and your heartbeat.  I know what you think and feel at any given moment.  When you come to Me in your moments of inner confusion, I can help you regain your emotional footing by providing you the solicited clarity—by shining My Light through the cracks in your armor.

“No one should ever be ‘crucified’ on the place of public opinion without due process.  Moreover, the general opinion is not qualified to dispense justice, as it stands at high risk to tip the scale of Justice in the wrong direction, being prone to take at face value hearsays driven by nasty gossips.

“Rather than becoming accomplices in a public execution orchestrated by your overly emotional peers, be the dissident voice of sanity.  Rather than becoming engulfed in the emotional mass frenzy, take a step back to maintain your God-given independence—the place from where you can make the best-informed decisions and join forces with other ‘independent thinkers’—the true innovators and movers-and-shakers of this world. 

“Pray for those who victimize others with the same compassion Jesus extended when, nailed on the cross, He interceded for His executioners: “Father forgive them, as they do not know what they do.”  Indeed, a prayer of intercession works wonders.

“Jesus, who was most assuredly qualified as a judge of character never assumed such a stance.  Rather, He consistently stepped in as a pro bono Public Defender—never as the Devil's Advocate.  What does it tell you?”