Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unknown Teacher:  “Dear child, as you ready yourself to receive, you are wondering which type of message will come through to you today.  There are messages contained in so many things, in you and around you, like the messages you discover when you break open a fortune cookie. 

“Life will send you the messages that are needed for you.  This is sometimes the easiest way for us to convey meaning to you - in these moments when you are caught off guard.  Sometimes, trying too hard prevents the natural flow of things to take place as it creates tension within you. 

“A good teacher is a good observer of the child in his/her care.  A good teacher seizes life opportunities to present meaningful lessons to the child.  The best lessons are the one which are connected with the experiences of the child.  It is so much easier to learn about nature when immersed in nature, rather than in a book.  A book will fail to reveal so many layers of reality – the touch, the smell, etc

“A well rounded experience includes your whole being, not just your mind.  The mind is a processor of the body’s input and it translates the physical experiences into eternal values.  How amazing is that?  Keep looking at your life from the perspective of the teachings contained therein.  There are many aspects of your being that are a work in progress and that need to be developed. 

“As your Teachers, we are following your interests, sometimes helping you in the awakening of new ones so as to promote more of your dormant potentials.  A small seed is loaded with the potential of becoming a magnificent tree!  A human being has the potential of becoming a magnificent divine being!  There is so much joy in discovering the beauty contained in your own being.  Many human are not able to recognize their own beauty and to appreciate the amazing gifts they have been endowed with.  Learn to detect them as you learn to live more consciously as they contain joy for yourself and joy to share with others.  The universe is meant to be an endless sharing and collaborating between all beings.”