Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “How do you distinguish authentic bills from the fake ones circulated by seasoned forgers?  Unless you own a counterfeit detector pen that unmasks the not-so-true colors of the bill, it may be impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye.

“Let us apply this metaphor to the Divine Truth—a flawless truth that can withstand scrutiny.  However, in your world, there is a staggering amount of divergent ‘versions’ of individual truth. 

“How did it come that far?  First of all, the Luciferian agenda continuously disparaged the Divine Truth by confusing its believers.  It succeeded by appealing to the short-sighted ego, campaigning for instant self-gratification, and other misguided ‘liberties.’ 

“Once the ego warps into self-centeredness, the spiritual vision of the creature fails, as it leaves out the central piece of its existential puzzle, causing it to rearrange all the remaining ones in a doomed attempt to make sense of them, while further distorting the underlying original concept.

“After millennia, the picture remains blurry.  It is why the love-motivated Divine Providence has to provide the human minds and hearts with the missing key elements.  In Jesus’ case, they were ‘hand-delivered’ by ‘the Son of God’ to leave no room for the faintest chance of breaking their ‘chain of custody.’

“However, after His tragic death, much of His empowering message got lost in translation through human misinterpretation.  It is why He promptly dispatched His Spirit of Truth to indwell each one of you as a personal ‘Referee’ and ‘Spokesperson’ for the TRUTH.

“Why would you turn to other confused souls in your quest for Enlightenment when you dispose of the most reliable ‘Source’ of Truth?  Much progress would be achieved in your life if each one of you took the valuable time to consult with the Spirit of Truth in the Stillness of your inner world.  Such a Truth is associated with an overwhelming sense of peace, as it ‘appeases’ your anxieties by dissipating your inner confusion.  It is the reason why Jesus became known as the Prince of Peace—the one who left Peace in His wake—a far cry from the restlessness and confusion left behind by Lucifer and his minions.”