Sunday, April 14, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “Thank you for inviting me to be your Teacher.  I shall also act as Your School Adviser, as any good teacher is also aware of the student’s needs. 

“There is a variety of teaching modalities.  A lecture presents a subject from an intellectual point of view that appeals to the students’ intellect.  It lays a foundation for a more practical and experimental mode of imparting knowledge.  How do you move from the theory to the practice? 

“Jesus delivered many in-depth sermons about right living.  He also demonstrated their do-ability by living by His spoken words—being impeccable in His words as well as His actions—a true Man of Honor.  What a tremendous achievement and inspirational life!

“A teacher has to be inspirational to motivate his pupils to move on from the theory to the practice eagerly. The approach in and by itself is unable to bring about positive changes.  Only actions. 

“Jesus lived in unbroken communion with His Divine Indweller and followed His leading to the letter. He thus became the most qualified Teacher of Light and Life—successfully and single-handedly demonstrating how to establish the inner stronghold of Heaven within a human personality.  Indeed, “the Kingdom of God is at hand” for “those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.” He taught by His audible words, concomitantly with His visible deeds.

“The third point I would like to make is that a good Teacher innovatively and resourcefully expands on the acquired intellectual and experimental knowledge of the students.  Eternal life will present you with constant learning and teaching opportunities.  Yours will be to make your teachings palatable and relevant—as Jesus did. 

“When you go to a doctor or a therapist, they ask you to fill out a questionnaire intent at getting any relevant personal data to issue an accurate diagnosis and devise an effective treatment plan.  Jesus proceeded similarly by first asking personal questions to His interlocutors, as well as keenly listening to their feedback.  He then homeschooled them by custom tailoring His private lessons to meet their most urgent needs.

“Such are the skills of intuition and discernment you need to hone to become great teachers—the ones who are fondly remembered by their students, as having made a significant contribution to their life.”