Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Uteah – Trinity Teacher: “The thought entered your mind that there is no such thing as gossip in higher realms where Love and Truth reign supreme.  There, you can actually fully rely on hearsay, as ‘the truth and nothing but the truth’ is being circulated. 

“Right now, there are many grounds to celebrate ‘Above as Below’, as the breaking news is that the spiritual quarantine that had been decreed for your planet—and the other planets contaminated by the malignant spiritual virus unleashed by the Lucifer rebellion—has been lifted.  Thanks to the alliance between the infantry volunteer forces of the Lightworkers and the celestial forces, the tipping point has been reached when it is now safe to connect your planet to a brand-new high-tech spiritual circuitry that welcomes it back into the cosmic fold.

“This constitutes another portal that greatly facilitates the reception of amazing spiritual downloads from Higher Realms.  As well, the ambient fog of confusion will be increasingly lifted, as it will no longer be fed by the old unreliable circuitry that was not up to Divine codes but served as a ‘fake news’ broadcasting network that still catered to the iniquitous agenda of the Lucifer rebellion.

“Dear ones, it is now up to each one of you to fully disconnect yourself from this contaminated newsfeed and to ask to be plugged into the new circuitry—just as you trade your faulty internet provider for a state-of-the-art. You will then start witnessing for yourself an improvement in your personal relationship with Spirit, due to the removal of the many ‘firewalls’ that had been installed to hamper it.

“No matter how much ‘technology’ is made available to you, it is yours to decide to put it to good use.  Be honest with yourself and reassess your life priorities.  Shouldn’t your eternal life be assigned a higher priority than the one assigned to its physical aspect that is meant to provide a fertile soil for your soul growth?

“Thanks to the new circuitry, such a rich soil that laid fallow now benefits from an unprecedented spiritual irrigation system.  Be certain that, as soon as you express a genuine desire to be connected to it, it will be so, as validated by your accelerated spiritual progress.  You may be late-bloomers but your blooming season will be just as breathtaking when it comes around.”