Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

“Never hesitate to admit failure.  Make no attempt to hide failure under deceptive smiles and beaming optimism.”  [UB 160:4:13]

Thought Adjuster: “What some label as failures, others claim as victories. Because life is an ongoing educational curriculum, it presents you with various pop-up personality tests that you may not get right the first time around—nor are you expected to.  A toddler determined to claim its freedom of movement will take multiple falls before its legs are strong enough to support its weight.  Yet it perseveres, each valiant step plastering a celebratory smile on its face. 

Setbacks are temporary if you do not call quits.  They can be repurposed as motivators to fare better the next time around.

There are also circumstances where candid admissions of failure constitute significant victories over the ego. They prevent the smokescreen of self-delusions from clouding your discernment.  How could defeat be a teacher if you skip its lessons?

Many put up a brave front despite their inner grief. As long as these dejected souls assume full responsibility for the outworking of their decisions instead of assigning blame to others, their receptive humility enables them to pick-up on revitalizing inspirations—the leadings of the spirit. 

Some interpret a roadblock as a dead-ended predicament. Those who read it as a signpost calling for a detour diligently scout for an opening, thus discovering virgin territories in the process.  The stings of failure have positively altered many lives. They led many to admit that they were overly ambitious in unrealistic quests, as they had not yet acquired the practical tools to succeed. However, everyone’s destiny is to make strides toward the attainment of ever-greater skills.”