Oregon, US of A
Sunday, September 9, 2018


Uteah - Trinity Teacher: “You have a personal e-mail address where you can be reached instantly–provided your internet provider is up and running and you are frequently checking your inbox.  A similar process takes place in our ‘inner-net’ communications. 

“It should not come as a surprise that these complex spiritual inner workings are more fully disclosed to you, now that the ‘computer age’ has been ushered in your planet.  Indeed, the access to such advanced technologies was instigated from Above and—unbeknownst to them—their ‘inspired’ human ‘co-revelators’ served as accessories to the spiritual planetary advancement, provided that their ‘brainchild’ is wisely raised. 

“Indeed, without grasping the ins and outs of the ‘cyberworld’, it would be hard for anyone to get a mental picture on how to connect with the higher spiritual realms of ‘cyberspace’.

“In this case, the saying “As Above, so below” points to the fact that much of what trickles ‘down below’ as far as advancement in technologies has already been fully developed ‘Above’—the only difference being that the higher realms are God-centered, thus carefully avoiding the pitfalls of selfishness and self-glorification that are sadly the telltale attributes of a self-proclaimed delusional ‘elite’.

“The only elite condoned from Above is the ‘Elite of the Open Hearts’.  Its elitism has nothing to do with a restricted membership but everything to do with the attitude of Love and Service brought to the table by its open-ended membership. Unlike your college ‘fraternities’ or ‘sororities’ that court a few socially privileged individuals, the Elite of the Open Hearts consists of ‘the cream of the cream’ of those who practice Love in Action.  Far from feeling superior to others, they are willing to go down on their knees—as Jesus so frequently did—to wash the dust off their feet.

“Dear ones, there are many ways to activate more fully your ability to love and its associated benevolent impulses.  Never should you discriminate against anyone; yet, you should be selective as to the degree of purity held by the elements that you allow into your being through the gateways of your physical senses.  Keep at bay the detrimental influences that hypnotically sneak their way into your being, turning you into spiritual zombies.  On the other hand, by placing your mind and your heart under the patronage of refined frequencies, you will feel the pleasant rush of the vibrant emotions that cater to your soul growth and the beautification of both your inner and outer worlds.”