Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, I have many messages for you.  I may express some of them during the day when you encounter a thought provoking situation or a roadblock.  Whenever you ask for My opinion, I will find a way to convey it to you.  The Spirit of Truth is also My collaborator and associate; its function is to enlighten you and corroborate your higher understanding. 


“I love you so much and the quality of My love is not negotiable.  I am not moody and unstable in my love.  Love is what I am made of; it is truly the God Substance.  Whenever you turn to Me in your thinking and your gratitude, you create an opening for My love.  The width of that opening is your prerogative.  How wide will you open that channel? 


“The more you live with self-awareness, the more you will function from your higher self.  Self-awareness will help you catch yourself in those moments when you little ego has a chip on its shoulders.  Selfishness is what prevents human beings from getting in touch with their humanity as it puts the self over everyone else-- at the expenses of others.  Selflessness is the glue that connects the parts and creates the wholeness.


“The feeling of separation and isolation you may feel in some situations is a red flag inviting you to go inward and evaluate that situation and the reason why you feel separated.  It is a good time to ask for My input as, from My loving perspective, I can give you valuable feedback and truly control your mind.  Little by little, your moods will stop swinging like a pendulum between feel good and feel-not-so-good emotions.  Whenever an emotion is unpleasant, you need to go within and investigate why you feel that way.  It is the best time for you to be introspective and change your mental course.


“Pick healthy thoughts toward yourself and others.  It is what it takes to upgrade your emotions toward yourself and others.  Project positives, not negatives and they will reflect back to you.  This is the mirror effect that so many fail to recognize.  Use it to your advantage and to the benefit of this world.  The law of Reflectivity works on many levels, known and unknown. “