Oregon, US of A
Monday, February 27, 2017

“I am Light, parachuted from Above.

I am Light, coming as a thief in the night.

I am Light, landing in Man’s Land.

I am Light finding My way to you.


I am Special Heavenly Forces.

I am skilled, and Love is my expertise.

I come bearing the flag of Peace.

Indeed, I come in Peace

Intending to put an end to all warfare

Raging within and around you.”

“As you ponder the message of undying love I bring into your life, you also realize that such love is continuously renewed, as long as it is harvested by the human ‘solar panels.’ Just as a solar panel is conceived to collect the warmth and the light of the sun, the human heart has been conceived to be love-fueled. Love is the inexhaustible and renewable cosmic energy eternally generated by the first Source and Center.

“Yet, it can only find its way in wide open hearts. Closed hearts are disconnected from its circuitry. By shielding themselves, they cut themselves off from what ‘makes them tick.’ A love-deprived life is a tragic life, as it is estranged from its true purpose.

“Your priority during your mortal existence should be the expansion of your heart—of its capacity to love. Love is a two-way-street. It requires two or more willing participants. Self-centered love is not renewable and not satisfying. Altruism—the love for others—is.

“The more Love you give out, the more fulfilled you will feel, as Love is uplifting and energizing. Once you take your assigned position in the universal love circuitry, you will truly become activated as a Light Worker, as Love and Light are undifferentiable from one another.”