Oregon, US of A
Friday, June 19, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, to make a difference by having a positive impact on someone’s life is not a small matter.  It is conducive to more heart opening as, whenever you turn your attention away from your little self, you get in touch with your Higher Self and it propels you to new levels of growth.  Your life matrix involves connecting you with your surroundings, at all levels. 

“Each being is a tiny part of the intelligent machinery of the universes.  By the activating of connections, you are actually activating the machinery so that it can perform the tasks for which it has been designed.   Concern yourself with being the best tiny part you can be so that it can be safely integrated with the other well-oiled parts.  Little by little, the machinery is emerging more and more complex and more and more complete. 

“Much potential is embedded in the whole creation so that it can keep evolving and becoming.  Nothing is ever static; life is constant change.  Whenever things are stuck, they are dead and need to be resurrected.  The more humanity becomes aware of the exponential synergy which occurs through the process of unified intentions, the faster and the greater the progress will be toward a world settled in Light and Life.

“The Divine is monitoring each individual progress and coaches each part of the whole to find its rightful place in the whole.  It is so important to be on the outlook so that your God-given gifts can be revealed to you.  Just as the Divine is aware of your potentials, your siblings may also be able to point out to you what you cannot yet see for yourself.  Ask and you shall receive opens the door to valuable feedback and this feedback can easily reach you through the voices of your siblings, of your co-travelers.  Being receptive and being humble are very important prerequisites in your personal transformation.  Humility defuses any inner resistance you may have.”