Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, communication with Spirit occurs at a subliminal and yet very real level.  As you grow and get in touch more and more with your energetic being, you will come to experience more frequently and more intensely the connection with Spirit.  There are many areas in human life where this connection is already functioning, unbeknownst of the creature as it may go undetected at first. 

“As you know, many spiritual influences are available to the mortals who willingly open themselves up to those higher influences.  The Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits are always there as amazing spiritual influences--each one an expert in His field.

“The Spirit of Intuition is one that many of you experience in some ways as He provides you with a gut feeling to assist you in figuring things out for yourself.  The Spirit of Courage is another one that is many times unrecognized as such.  And yet, He can infuse any creature with this powerful force of Courage.

“Do not see yourself as separate from these influences.  They are here in order to infuse you with the spiritual traits that you will learn to develop more and more as you grow into the perfection of your divine essence.  One of the Adjutant Mind Spirit is the Spirit of Counsel, the Spirit who supports any group effort as no creature can be sustainable without the group.  This is the aspect of human life that has been undermined by the Lucifer Rebellion and since that point in time, groups have displayed dissonance and disharmony and many groups split into smaller groups, to the point of complete dissolution as a group.

“There are many loners on your world, lost souls who have completely disengaged themselves from their tribal connection.  Humanity needs to reconnect to the group consciousness in order to be enabled to re-form this world based on the highest good of all.  Selfishness and greed need to come to their suicidal end as these character traits have no eternal future whatsoever.

“Your Master Jesus always stressed the group identity of the Brotherhood of man.  This was His message and yet, even though it has been intellectually recognized by many, there are many hurdles and heart blockages which need to be overcome in order to truly and deeply connect with one another.  Many of these hurdles are there because of past hurts and misunderstandings that still throw a shadow on the present.  This is why Christ admonished forgiveness, over and over.  Forgiveness is what completely wipes the slate clean for a new beginning, a beginning which can only take place in the present moment. 

“Humanity is in need of a heart wash so that all the parasites of resentment, bitterness, and regret can be eliminated from the thinking process.  The past hurts will heal with time if they are not dragged back in the present and nurtured by the wrong form of thinking.  Keep working at elevating your frequencies and your vibrations and these parasites won’t be able to stand the light emanating from your being.  You will become truly liberated from these handicaps and you will be made whole by the empowering truth in action.”