Oregon, US of A
Monday, December 18, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Human Vanity versus Divine Humility.  As you read these words, the thought comes to your mind that it should rightfully be the other way around—except for the fact that the Divine is not vain but has all reasons to exhibit rightful pride.

“Human beings attach way too much importance to the external parameters that define their identity: race, nationality, gender, social status, professional accomplishments, as well as the balance of their bank account, the celebrity status of their human associates, and more.  You are more than your current identity.  You ID card will not by itself grant you access to the Higher Realms of spiritual reality.  Whether you are a CEO or a street sweeper won’t make any difference.  Your spiritual credentials include the caliber of your heart, the degree of your mental activation, and your soul’s measurements. 

“Indeed, the development of your heart, mind, and soul are the Divine expectations for your life, as they are the raw materials for your eternal being.  This is what Jesus focused on while He lived as a human among you.  He forbade His followers to worship Him and always redirected all praise to His Heavenly Father—the Giver of personality.

“Dear ones, adopt such a humble and unostentatious demeanor.  As well, appreciate others for the Truth, the Beauty, and the Goodness of their character, always keeping in mind that they are not deserving your blind devotion, as they too have character flaws that need to be addressed.  Misguided praise is an element that endangers the stability of the ego.  Praise God for His gifts—not the recipients of the gifts.

"As a recipient yourself, put your gifts to higher service—not to self-service, as self-service is a dead end for your soul, while higher service places you on the starting gate of the Highway to Heaven that is paved by all the acts of selfless service.”