Oregon, US of A
Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Today is Christmas ‘Eve and you are pondering what such an epochal event actually meant for you and everyone. The Sovereign of a vast universe chose to be born on your planet as a helpless babe. Of all the inhabited worlds He could have chosen for His incarnation in a human form, He favored one reputed as very dangerous and dysfunctional, as it was severely handicapped by the infamous Lucifer Rebellion.

“Christ was born in enemy territory and had to live wisely as a sheep among many wolves. Isn’t it the greatest testimony of hope for your own existence? The darkness in your world seems to have expanded over the ages since Jesus’ Presence among you. Yet, do not be fooled into spiritual despair and emotional depression! He is the way and the light and this cannot be altered no matter how hard the forces of darkness try. They will eventually exhaust themselves, as nothing of lasting value can survive on the foundation of hate and iniquity.

“The question to ask yourself is: “Has Christ been born in my heart?” What do I mean by that? The spiritual rebirth process is often explained as accepting Jesus as your personal savior. How does it truly happen? In a way, you are the one offering your heart as a cradle for the newborn Christ. What would happen if He knocked at the door of your heart? Would you let Him in? Or would you pretend not to hear the gentle knock?

“The official date of Christmas is not what truly matters. You are the one setting your very personal Christmas date—the day when you truly welcome Christ into your heart. He always carries you in His, waiting for you to run to Him so that He can embrace His prodigal child and welcome him Home—where the heart is.

“Dear ones, by adopting the Child of Promise in your very heart, you will be mightily transformed, as you will learn to make informed decisions for the best interest of the infant you welcome in your heart. This, in turn, will be reflected in the way you interact with one another. In challenging situations, ask yourself how you would behave around a precious infant to ensure that both of you remain wrapped in the blanket of His Peace?”