Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that what many call ‘crossing over’ should not just apply to the transition from the material body to a body of finer vibrations.  Indeed, during your very down-to-earth material experience, all of you have the opportunity to ‘cross over’ higher spiritual realities.  What do I mean by that?

“Just as a baby leaves the motherly womb through the birth canal to emerge into a new and much-enlarged ‘playground’, whenever you are ‘reborn in spirit’, your life takes a powerful new turn.  Indeed, you acquire a higher and more enlightened perspective to make your earthly decisions, as you come to understand that they are opportunities for soul-growth, rather than for self-gratification.

“Whenever you consciously step over the demarcation line between self-serving and altruistic agendas, you are indeed ‘crossing over’ and stepping into the Kingdom of Heaven within you.  You are willing to sever any attachments to the ephemerous material kingdom of men, as you have come to understand that it would lead you to a spiritual dead-end if it remained the sole focus of your energetic output.

“Dear ones, once you ‘cross over’ to get to know your Higher Self, you won’t have any desire to retreat back to your former short-sighted reality. Moreover, you will live with a greater feeling of peace and increasing gratitude for the blessings you can now detect from this spiritual ‘butterfly-eye-view’.  And when the time of your actual transition to other worlds arrives, you will have no fear, just a happy sense of anticipation, as you ‘will already be there’ in spirit and you will be speedily waived in by the ‘customs authorities’, as all your spiritual credentials will be in good standing.”