Oregon, US of A
Thursday, April 12, 2018

“Love is the desire to do good to others” [UB 648:04]

Thought Adjuster: “Would you prioritize the satisfaction of your ‘wants’ over having your immediate ‘survival needs’ met?  Formulated this way, it would indeed be very foolish and extremely shortsighted on your part to place your wants before your needs.  It would, indeed, be suicidal, as you could not live to enjoy what you would have erroneously assessed as the building blocks of your happiness.

“Happiness is more than skin-deep.  Certainly, the gratification of your physical senses is ‘pleasurable’, but should not be mistaken for happiness.  Pleasure is short-lived; in many cases, it has addiction-like attributes that drive you on a never-ending quest for more of the same and leave you ‘empty-hearted’ and disoriented when you come down from such artificial highs.

“Happiness infuses your entire being—mind, body, and soul.  All of you are born instinctively searching for that blissful emotional state that you wish would never end.  Indeed, true happiness is a state of being, having nothing to do with material possessions or the detention of power over others.  Such social statuses are man-made and fall short of the divinely ordained status of a happy cosmic citizen. 

“Happiness has much to do with your capacity to love others.  The Father’s Love is a given and, yet, it is fully experienced by too few of you, as love is a circuit, not a one-way street.  In order to truly love, you have to look at others as being a part of yourself.  Your happiness is tied to theirs, not in the sense that they dictate how you should feel at any given moment, which would amount to emotional blackmail or manipulation.  No, it rather means that no one can be perfectly happy when surrounded by under-privileged siblings.  Shutting them out to relish in your personal happiness is a selfish attitude that leaves you plagued with uncomfortable remorse pangs—a telltale sign that your degree of happiness is very relative—not absolute. 

“Dear ones, learn to widen the scope of your quest for happiness.  Go within and ask yourself what would truly and lastingly make you happy?  You will then come to realize that successful relationships are what contribute to your happiness, as they are all-inclusive and all-beneficial.  This is the reason why Happiness is literally the offspring of Love in Action—its thriving love child.”