Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 13, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Each morning, upon getting up, you decide what to wear for the day.  Your outfit reflects your personality as well as your morning mood, as it is encoded with your fluctuating emotional input.  Unbeknownst to many of you, you also select the ‘flavor of the day’—by picking among the wide spectrum of emotional fonts the one that you will use to fill the next page of your diary. 

“Are you excited?   Are you eager to see what this day will bring?  Or are you weary and displaying emotional stains on your sleeves, as you are still wearing yesterday’s soiled outfit of gloom and doom?

“Just as you set the stage for your day upon awakening, you should as well remember to condition the quality of your night sleep by intending for it to be refreshing, restful, and emotionally cleansing.  Hang your troubles on the doorknob of your bedroom so that your spiritual ‘butlers’ can take them to the cleaners.

“Upon awakening, come to Me in the Stillness so that I can prep you before you step anew in the ring of life, coaching you not to get discouraged by any apparent setback, as your earthly life is a sequence of many rounds and “is not over until it is over”.

“Positive and vibrant emotions also brighten your surroundings.  Should you notice you are wearing mismatched colors, retreat within for a quick change of emotional wardrobe and it will greatly impact how you go through your day.  This is within the range of your abilities.  Know it and turn it to your advantage.  A foul mood is like graffiti on the walls, while a positive outlook instantly covers them with a fresh coat of vibrant paint.”