Oregon, US of A
Thursday, November 2, 2017

“Herod feared to release John lest he instigate rebellionHe feared to put him to death lest the multitude riot in the capital…” [UB Paper 135, Section 12]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Fear.  You were reading about the last days of John the Baptist and his being sentenced to death by Herod—not because Herod had failed to be moved by the teachings of John the Baptist, but because he had fallen prey to various types of fear, some of them pride-driven:  He feared the opinion of his peers if he overruled the rushed death sentence he had rendered while inebriated and manipulated by the hidden and revengeful agenda of his unlawful wife.  As well, he was torn between the fear that John may stir up some civil unrest if he went on preaching and the fear that his partisans may riot if he sentenced him to death. “Herod was filled with fear and sorrow.”

Indeed, no sound decision can be made under this type of pressure.  Fear is the worst advisor, as you well know from personal experience.  Frequently, fear-driven decisions morph into regrets, as fear triggers a brain-freeze that prevent you from thinking clearly. 

Dear ones, whenever you feel pressured into making rushed decisions that go against your gut feelings, those are the very moments when you need to take a time-out or ‘sleep over it’, which will allow you to obtain a more objective perspective about your options. 

Call upon the combined influences of the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Intuition, Understanding, and Courage.  They are available to you to consult in such situations when fear acts as a brain and heart scrambler, destabilizing you and causing you to lose your spiritual magnetic North, so to speak.

As anything else which is part of your human evolution, courage has to be nurtured and practiced.  You will notice that, whenever your stand up for yourself, a sense of inner freedom overcomes you.  This is another proof of the liberating power of Truth.  By becoming an ever-freer spirit, you will set amazing precedents in your own life and they will as well contribute to a change, as subtle as it may be, in the planetary consciousness.  The pull of this type time of inner freedom is irresistible.  Shouldn’t you yield to it?”