Oregon, US of A
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Monjoronson:  “Dear one, as you just felt it in your Stillness, the Father is literally working undercover through each one of His light workers–from this realm and beyond.  The Father never coerces but He can be pretty convincing as everything connected to Him is TRUTH.  Truth speaks for itself to those who are asking.  Truth is what can turn a soul away from sin and iniquity once it recognizes that it has been heading in the wrong direction and got lost in the process.  The Truth shall make you free – most certainly.  This is how the Father liberates His children from their ignorance and reveals to them how valuable they are to Him and to one another.


“You have experienced the rebirth of your being once you have opened yourself to receive, instead of being stuck in a state of resistance.  Your resistance was mostly fear based and, once you recognized that fear NEVER comes from the Father, you became able to increase your awareness as to your fear-based reactions or impulses; you learned to shut them off instead of disconnecting yourself from the abundant light streaming from the Father.  How simple is that? 


“I know that you feel deep in your heart the joy that comes with getting to know the Father on an intimate and most personal level.  I know that you love your Thought Adjuster and commune with Him quite frequently.  As you grow and expand in your spiritual awareness, you are coming into your divine birthright and your divine power.  I know, dear one, how much you want to be of service.  There are many levels of service as there is an abundant diversity so as to render each life exciting as well–in loving service to the Divine and one another.


“Keep scouting for possibilities and you will recognize them when they present themselves.  Do what you do well as it is the best offering you can bring to the Feet of the Father.  This is what matters.  This is what touches His heart and our hearts.  Be of good cheer, dear one, as we definitely are on the same team.  My love goes out to you.  Have a nice day.”