Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The above words entered your mind.  Indeed, those are two basic life’s attitudes that determine how you shape your destiny and view your world.

By expecting the best, you are living in gratitude.  How could it be otherwise?  You feel blessed moment by moment, as you always keep in mind that the Father has your best interest in Mind and your highest good at Heart—forever and ever.

By anticipating the worst, you are unconsciously making a poor investment of your precious energies, at the risk of attracting the manifestations of your fears into the field of your experience, as imagination is at the onset of all creative processes.  When you operate in a pessimistic mode, by this very fact, you live on guard and pile up anxieties upon anxieties, making it impossible for you to find happiness and contentment in the present moments of your human experience.  Your past is filled with regrets, as you come to realize that much of the ‘small stuff you were sweating’ did not come to pass but deprived you of your ‘joie de vivre’ – zest for life. 

What do see when you look up at a pure blue sky with only one little white cloud contrasting against it?  Do you envision a sunny day and make plans to enjoy it? Or do frown at the little cloud and interpret it as the forerunner of many of its kind, even though none is profiling on the horizon?  Do you stay home and deprive yourself of the most likely experience of spending a wonderful day in the great outdoors?

The Father is an Incorrigible Optimist. This is a trait of character you need to cultivate as part of your training for Godlikeness.  He is willful and does not take no for an answer as concern the fulfillment of His Vision.  Learn to do the same whenever you encounter challenges, as they are your opportunities to master these character skills.  Don’t you see?  Your happiness fully depends on your attitude—independently from your external circumstances.”