Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

“Worship is the act of a part identifying itself with the Whole; the finite with the Infinite; the son with the Father; time in the act of striking step with eternity.” [UB 143:10]

Teacher: “The key word in the above statement is “identify”.  Indeed, the art of successful living is to get in touch with your true and much-expanded identity.  You understand that you are a finite part of an Infinite Organism.  Yet, there is much more for you to fathom.

“Let us use an example.  How do you view your legs?  They contribute to the quality of your physical experience—carrying your weight and taking you places.  Yet, in and by themselves, if not attached to a living body, they are useless—purposeless.  They turn into a still nature—a far cry from their life’s calling.

“Mankind has not yet reached the tipping point where it starts functioning as a greater body—enjoying an expanded consciousness.  Not only is there strength in unity but when you assemble all the nuts and bolts of a kit, you are building an entirely new mechanism.  Once it figures out where it fits within it, your small self becomes mightily activated, as it plays a crucial part in the fulfillment of the glorious life purpose assigned to that greater organism.  Shouldn’t this give you a boost in confidence?

“This may be a new take on what actual worship is all about.  Indeed, it is a very organic process—such as the blending of a water drop in the body of the ocean.  The moment it hits the surface of the ocean, its finite consciousness dissolves and it becomes the ocean—a powerful and unprecedented upgrade.  No longer is it isolated.  By surrendering its selfhood as a drop, it becomes part of a much greater self.  What a trade up!

“Dear ones, yours is not only to find where you fit into the Greater Organism but to fully ‘donate’ of yourself to bring it to life—as all parts are needed to bring such a project to fruition. Rather than practicing a narcissistic and dead-ended type of self-adulation, express your undying worship toward the One whose Vision for your little part is to fully incorporate it within His own Infinite, Timeless, and Boundless Beingness. What else does He have in store for this greater You?”