Do You Have Sea Legs?
Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Guardian Angel: “We are the daughters of Mother Spirit.  We can make Her relatable to you, as She is in our DNA and we cherish Her.  We love it when we receive individual assignments from On High, as we are inter-realm messengers and connectors.

“Loving service is in our hearts—to Mother Spirit, to you, and one another.  We accompany you through your earthly journey, doing our best to facilitate your spiritual development.  Indeed, a life well-lived equips you to solve the multitude of challenging riddles you will encounter along your eternal journey.

“Many of the situations you deal with on the earthly plane are mind-boggling and disconcerting.  They are pregnant with embryonic truth.  What matters is that you allow it to expand as yeast does over time, helping you solve these personal mysteries.

“You know it when ‘you get it.’   Your epiphanies generate celebratory feelings of relief and gratitude—elation.  You are then equipped to move on to other paradigms of higher understanding and right living.

“Do not get discouraged by apparent setbacks.  View them as renewed opportunities to rehearse what you have mastered at a rudimentary level.  Self-mastery occurs rung by rung of the ascension ladder.  You may commence your climb with a wobbly stance, not entirely sure that you can trust the supportive frame of the ladder.  You may also have fits of spiritual vertigos as you elevate yourself above ground level.  Do not lose sight of your worthy objectives, thus disallowing temporary setbacks to take the wind out of your spiritual sail.  Instead, use them as catalysts to reaffirm your determination to get your sea legs and become a fearless explorer.

“The grueling base-camp of your earthly life is meant to condition you to be fit to move on to the next leg of your cosmic travels.  What matters is that you garner the necessary stamina and determination not to be a quitter before you even get started.”