Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Gifts.  Bottom line, a true gift is born out of the heart’s desire to do go onto others.  What determines the true value of a gift is not its price tag but the amount of love that has been vested into it, as such a loving intention never depreciates and forever remains attached to the gift as its invaluable ‘sentimental value’.

Many material gifts end up having adverse effects both on the giver and the receiver.  How so?  Some so-called gifts come with strings attached whenever the giver expects something in return for his or her ostentatious ‘generosity’.  As well, whenever too much is given too soon, the beneficiaries of the gifts may fail to perceive how special they are, thus taking them for granted and continuously raising the bar of their expectations for the next round of receiving. 

Teach your children well!  Love is the only gift that can and should be generously and selflessly dispensed, as it is the optimal nutrient for the development of a healthy and well-balanced individual. 

Love is a practical gift, meant to meet the emotional needs of all creatures.  The Father will always meet you at the level of your needs—not your wants.  Your needs have to do with your survival and thriving.  Your wants can become impediments to your growth process, as they are very frequently unwise and self-centered.

Many spiritual gifts have to be deserved so as not to get squandered.  Their objective is to be multiplied by the inspired actions that they call you to initiate.  By doing so, your small self keeps expanding through the compassion you feel for others.  You include them in your decision-making process, as their life matters to you.  You have come to recognize that this planet can only settle in Light and Life when everyone’s needs are met, thus giving them the mighty opportunity to work at expressing their unique personality through their very own expression of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—Love in Action.  Light and Life will become an enduring reality once all have climbed aboard the Love Train for the eternal and thrilling ride of their lives.”