Oregon, US of A
Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Divine Will.  It always revolves around the elements of absolute Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—about Love in Action.  Yet, the application of God’s Will is diversified on an individual level, as each one of His creatures has been ‘willed’ to fulfill a different purpose. 

Each one of you has been conceived—and accordingly gifted—to play an essential part in the smooth running of the greater organism.  This is also the reason why the Father dispatched a Fragment of Himself to dwell within each one of you and guide them according to their own specs—their customized owner’s manual.

Rather than comparing yourself to others and envying their situation, go within to find out how precious you are to the Father.  God’s will for you is not the same as God’s will for your siblings.  It would be an impossibility for an ant to lead the life of a bee, as it has not been conceived for the same purpose.  Just the same, the individual contribution you can bring to the whole organism is priceless and you have been chosen among a multitude of beings to be the cosmic expert in that field.  Doesn’t it lift your spirit and inspire you to perform your job assignment to perfection?

Dear ones, God’s bestowal of personality on His children of time is a great mystery.  Yet, it empowers you individually to become the best you can be.  This is God’s Vision for you.  The only common denominator in God’s Vision for all His creatures is that they are meant to be co-creators in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  You are free to improvise as you see fit, provided that you include these elements in your life’s decisions to make them sustainable.  The Father will then say to you: “You are My dearly loved child, and you bring Me great joy."—the words each child longs to hear and each parent longs to say.”