Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 7, 2018

“Do you view your heart as a sacred chalice of love?  It is how Jesus saw His—never letting any negative influence defile it. How did He succeed while dealing with the ordeals of an ordinary human life, combined with the extreme challenges He had to face during His extraordinary incarnation where He divested Himself from His divine superpowers to live as one of the lowliest creatures of His realm and blaze a trail for them to get in touch with their Godlikeness?

“He constantly nurtured His heart connection with His Heavenly Father, spending much time in silent and solitary communion—thus becoming a pure channel of love—a perfect blending of divinity and humanness.  He incarnated to give men and women a taste of divine love, and never wavered from such exalted intentions.  

“Surely, He experienced moments of doubt and discouragement when faced with the harsh reality of human deficiencies.  He was determined to make a difference by not giving up prematurely—as Adam and Eve had been led to do when subjected to depression—a very dangerous influence that whispers words of discouragement, tempting you to give up on others and yourself.

“Dear ones, you can free your heart from its emotional baggage by handling it as the precious vessel it is--meant for Love—nothing but Love.  May each one of your heartbeats be in sync with such a sublime Love so that it can circulate unhindered in human relationships.  Honor this most sacred space within you; protect it at all costs—as Jesus did.”