Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 16, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear one, each message coming through from higher realms is truly the result of a labor of love.  Love IS the motivation of all the volunteer beings who sincerely desire to share their wisdom with your world.  Not only, do you benefit from the experiential wisdom accumulated generation after generation by the brave efforts of so many souls, but now that your planet has been reconnected with the cosmic web, you also benefit from the teachings from the many enlightened beings that have been approved for service on this planet as they have all the right credentials.

“Life on this planet is the first stage of your eternal education.  Some souls are still in pre-school, not having recognized that they are being offered a free higher education.  They have not consciously enrolled yet and use the planet as their playground, without putting on their thinking cap.  It is so easily to get distracted by mindless activities.  Yet, eventually, through their own life challenges, they will come to understand that they would be much better off if they willingly enrolled in the First Grade of life.

“Once students develop an attitude of eagerness to learn and to be instructed, they no longer resent the home work which needs to be done in order to progress and harvest spiritual benefits.  Complacency and laziness become eventually replaced by an invincible inner drive which brings positive results in their life outlook and validates the practicability of the teachings. 

“A good teacher is an inspiration to the students and activates within them the love for the taught topic. He makes it very relevant to the student’s life so that it becomes another empowering life skill.  If you look back upon your life, you will definitely, as you grow older, be able to pin point those turning points in your life which reveal to you that you were being safely and consciously guided to the unveiling of your life purpose. 

“Once the students advance in their curriculum, they also develop a healthy appetite for more and more truth as both the mind and the heart have infinite abilities to contain truth, beauty and goodness.  The students will then recognize that it is their true nature to be students as the Father has created an infinite universe with unending experiential opportunities.  What a thrill it is!”