Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “You have been planted in the Earth as a soul seed.  Your first human experience consists in sensing the stirrings from within the shell of your tiny seed and ‘to go with them’, as within them resides the Life Force that will help you pierce through that shell and emerge in your second experiential reality—the one of developing a stem—a spiritual back bone’, solidly rooted in your natal soil and slowly growing toward its next experiential destination—the one of coming to full bloom under the combined atmospheric influences of the warm sunrays and the hydrating moisture wisely meted out from Above.

“I am sure all of you can relate to this metaphor.  Yet, there are more ethereal dimensions for you to experience someday.  Your existence as a flower of this realm is meant to come to its natural end, after giving you many opportunities to leave behind your precious legacy.  So is the cycle of life.

“You will then access more spiritualized realms and your new body will be of much finer vibrations.  You will get acquainted with a multitude of beings—a spiritual ‘fauna’ that has much to offer. 

“You will have been transplanted from your natal soil of Earth to a breathtaking botanical Garden, where skilled landscapers will assign you a spot that will optimally meet your needs and make you thrive as the unique specimen you are.  And this process will be repeated over and over, as you are relocated from one garden to the next—each one more spectacular than the previous one. 

Dear ones, what matters is that you do your best to come to full bloom—no matter where life planted or transplanted you.”