Oregon, US of A
Monday, September 24, 2018

“Man should not blame God for those afflictions which are the natural result of the life which he chooses to live; neither should man complain of those experiences which are a part of life as it is lived on this world.”  [UB 148:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Thanks to your free will prerogative, you ALWAYS have a say—even in the most trying of circumstances.  Do you blame others and God Himself for the natural result of your misguided decisions—those taken against your best judgment and the wise leadings of Spirit?  Rather than conveniently pinning the blame on bystanders, it would be far more productive and healing for you to turn within and scrutinize how such a painful boomerang effect was set into motion.  Indeed, there is no effect without a cause.

“Your life abounds in challenges that are character building—provided you address them with the right attitude.  Sadly, many of you are chronic complainers, unable to raise their vibrations above the low frequencies of the victim mentality in which they are stuck—thus perpetuating it.

“In any given situation, you can CHOOSE to either roll up your sleeves with determination or put your hands down prematurely.  It is your God-given prerogative.  The first step in your healing process is to recognize it and turn any challenge or difficulty—self-imposed or not—into an opportunity for personal growth and victory over yourself. 

“On the day you will stop playing the Blame and Complain game that no one ever wins, you will trade this disheartening board game for a much more thrilling one—a game that will bless you with many winning streaks as you learn to skillfully and judiciously make your moves.  The ‘losers’ will become aware of your good luck and start observing how, by taking personal responsibility for your failures, you are not endlessly repeating the same cycle, thus cutting your losses and upgrading the quality of your life. 

“As well, you will be so proactive that you will no longer have any interest in complaining idly about what life throws at you.  You will instead search for the blessings contained in each one of these difficult situations.  Indeed, they act as fertilizers for your personal growth.”